Ohio Consolidation

This fall will mark an important milestone for Central Ohio and our mission in Ohio.   As you may know, leaders from the four USGBC Ohio chapters (Central, Northeast, Northwest, and Southwest) have been meeting since late last year to consolidate our efforts into one state-wide entity: USGBC Ohio.  The benefits of combining our efforts are multifold and include: increased access by our members to programming and resources across the state, ability to replicate successful local programs and initiatives on a state-wide scale, more impact and influence related to state-wide advocacy and partnerships, and increased exposure for our supporters and sponsors across Ohio, to name just a few. While we will be consolidating our efforts, most things won’t change on a local scale.  Our local work will still occur as it does now through the work of our local boards and committees.   As we consolidate, USGBC Ohio will also be integrating our efforts officially with USGBC on a national scale.  This integration will provide full access to numerous resources, programs, benefits, and staff from USGBC while reducing operational redundancies.  Working together as a state-wide entity in full partnership with USGBC will allow us to go further, faster in realizing our vision of green buildings for all within this generation. We look forward to officially launching USGBC Ohio later this year and your continued engagement in helping us reach our shared vision.  Your participation will be more important than ever as we chart the future for green building and sustainability in Ohio together.  Later this fall you will receive an official email related to the consolidation where you will be asked to vote in its support.  If you have questions about the Ohio consolidation or integration with USGBC please contact our board members who can answer any questions you may have. It is an exciting time for the chapter and for green building and sustainability in Ohio.  We look forward to a bright and green future together!

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