Sponsor Spotlight: Turner Construction Company

  1. How long has your firm been in business? Turner started in New York City in 1902, but we’re about to celebrate our 50th year in Columbus.
  2. Where are your offices located? Turner’s Columbus office is in the Arena District on Hanover Street, just south of Huntington Park. We have offices in Cleveland, Cincinnati, and Toledo (The Lathrop Company). Turner also has offices throughout the U.S. and internationally.
  3. How many LEED AP work at your firm? Over 1500 LEED credentialed staff nationally, 40 in Columbus.
  4. What is the main reason you and your firm are involved in the USGBC Central Ohio Chapter? Turner was one of the founding members of the USGBC National organization, back in the late 90’s. Since that time, Turner has invested heavily in training and credentialing of our staff, so that we can support our clients’ goals for sustainability and/or LEED certification on all of our projects. We’ve also been actively involved in the local USGBC chapters throughout the U.S., as part of our ongoing commitment to USGBC and the Mission. When the opportunity to start a USGBC chapter in Central Ohio became a reality, we jumped in and became a leading supporter.
  5. What types of projects are you focusing on right now? OR What disciplines do you regularly need to partner with on your projects? We’re working on the Columbus Metropolitan Library’s Vision 2020 program to build or renovate 10 branches, all scheduled to achieve LEED certification at varying levels. The Library’s commitments to sustainability, and improving the experience for the library users and their communities, are really inspiring. And we’re working with leading, local design firms to deliver outstanding projects – NBBJ, Jonathan Barnes, Design Group, Moody Nolan, Schooley Caldwell, Korda, Prater, Heapy, EMHT, etc.... – it’s been a great experience working with CML and these design firms on sustainable projects that benefit our communities.

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