Member Spotlight: James Davidson, Smoot Construction

USGBC: Which came first – your interest in sustainable building or your professional career? JD: My professional career came first with a degree in Project Management. I have been Involved with numerous LEED projects( Several school projects and the Hollywood Casino) which led the way for my interest to become a LEED Green Associate . USGBC: What kind of opportunities do you see in your work for developing more sustainable built environments? JD: I see several project opportunities. It appears more and more clients are looking for LEED components in their projects (government agencies, public, and some private clients). They are looking for more efficiency with their HVAC systems and energy use. They are more interested in following good practices, using Commissioning, to insure getting a better product, and efficiently running mechanical systems. USGBC: What motivated you to become a USGBC member? JD: When I began studying to be a LEED Green Associate, I was also encouraged to do so by my company. USGBC: What do you enjoy most about being a USGBC chapter member? JD: The activities, and the networking with other companies, businesses and contractors. And, the opportunity to meet new clients. USGBC: What is the best connection or relationship you’ve made through USGBC? JD: People working within the construction community communicating about what makes a successful building for everybody. Sharing the common goals to provide an efficient building for the owner. USGBC: What do you see as the greatest challenge for developing a sustainable environment? JD: Education. Getting owners to understand that the cost factor is not nearly as high as they perceive it to be. You have to perform a life cycle analysis to fully understand the cost over the life span of the building for various components. Example: Flushless urinals may be less expensive over the life span of the building than conventional urinals when you factor in the cost for the water not utilized per flush. USGBC: What environmental element would you like to see implemented in every project? JD: Commissioning of HVAC Systems. USGBC: How do you spend your time away from work? JD: Ride my bike a lot, visit different colleges for my son and spend time with my church. USGBC: What topic would you like to see discussed at an upcoming Lunch and Leaders meeting? JD: Information on permeable pavements, cost comparisons to other pavements and its long-term benefits .    

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